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The new foam mattresses are constructed with the main aim of allowing superior airflow. Here the mattresses tend to have foam cells and channeled airflow layer. To increase air circulation, the foams are composed of octagonal cells that are synonymous to the honeycomb. The cells allow air to move without restraint through the mattress, thus you are able to sleep comfortably as the mattress tends to be free of heat.

Original foams usually lack the octagonal cell structures resulting to heat retention, which makes sleeping very uncomfortable. To provide a cool environment, the foam is made of 100% castor plant, which is usually grown in the semi-arid regions of Africa. The byproducts of the plant are used to feed hungry cattle.

The foams are manufactured in a wide range of companies. One of the things used in making the foam is activated carbon scrubber. The soy mattress is one of the main export products in Brazil. According to Brazilian officials, soy plant is cut to make room for growing crops. To get soy, rainforests are destroyed, which makes many people angry. They say that cutting down forests is a way of destroying the environment. The nature of cutting down forests contradicts the eco-friendly nature of the mattresses.

The debate whether the mattresses are eco-friendly or not will continue; however, the fact remains that the foams are very cool thus very comfortable to sleep on. The cool nature of the mattresses is brought about by the high conductivity that reduces heat capacity.

In addition to these features, the foams have 100% natural bamboo fiber cover that is biodegradable, resists dust mines, fungi, and bacteria. The bamboo also tends to contain no harmful chemicals.

The cover is usually more absorbent than cotton; therefore, you tend to have a more comfortable sleep than when you would sleep on a cotton cover. The fibers are not only absorbed, but they are also softer than cotton, which further makes your sleep more comfortable.

Although, the fiber is softer, it’s stronger than other synthetics thus; it lasts for a long time. Although, the foams are very good and ensure that you have a very comfortable sleep, you can’t get the benefits of the foams if you buy the wrong one.

To ensure that you buy the right foams, you need to ensure that you buy from reputable stores. One of the best places to find reputable stores is in the review sites. Here you will find what different people have to say about different stores. As always, you should only consider buying from stores with the most positive reviews. You must be considered Eco friendly memory foam mattress. It is always advisable to sue Eco friendly products. It’s highly important to save the environment. We need to save the planet using eco-friendly products.